Export Control Agency, Ministry of Economy and Industry

Export control over dual use, nuclear, chemical and biological items

Dual-use items are goods, software and technology that can be used for both civilian and military applications.

The dual use, nuclear, chemical and biological export control regime aims to prevent proliferation of weapons for mass destruction (WMD) and other sensitive technologies, products, materials and services that might be used in way that undermines regional and international security and stability.

As the competent authority the Export Control Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Industry applies controls over duel use, nuclear, chemical and biological

exports, to promote responsible transfers of these items, applying a broad national security approach.

The Export Control Agency aims to work closely and collaboratively both with other Israeli government entities as well as with the private sector, in its development, implementation and enforcement of export control regulations.

Who needs an export license?

Any person engaged in exporting an item, technology or service listed in the Israeli dual use lists and / or the nuclear, chemical and biological lists as they are published on the Ministry of Economy and Industry’s web site (hereinafter: “the lists”) is required by law to apply for a license from the Ministry of Economy and Industry.

The law requires the exporter to classify the item based on the lists. To the extent that the item is controlled under these lists the exporter it is required to hold a valid export license, otherwise the exporter will be subject to sanctions under the laws of the State of Israel (civilian and criminal).

Good to know…

Re-export (export of a controlled item imported to Israel) may require a re-export license from the foreign country on top of a requirement of an Israeli export license.

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