The Israel Cash Rebate System is a program designed to support the production of feature films and TV series.  offering a highly attractive cash rebate of 30% on eligible production costs – between  50K USD to 1.5 Million USD per production (!)

Eligible Projects

• Eligible Projects
• Feature foreign films and TV series including Post-productions

International production companies may apply via an Israeli producer. The application will be submitted by a person whose field is the production of audiovisual works and whose company is registered in Israel.

You can apply NOW!

*until 22.08.2022

CEO’s Directive  

Contact: Zohar Zafrani, Director of the Department of Cultural Associations 

When can you expect payment?

  • A period of two years is given to complete the production and report the expenses
  • The payment is expected within 60 days upon completion of the terms specified in the directives.
  • 80% of the rebate will be paid during filming in Israel against invoices upon obtaining the approval of the professional advisor on behalf of the Ministry of Economy & Industry. The remaining 20% will be given after the production is complete.