Filming in Israel is a unique and rewarding experience offering international production companies a wide variety of exciting benefits. In addition to the amazing culture, sensational attractions and outgoing people, here are some attractive advantages specifically for international productions

Compact and Diverse

At a little more than 22,000 sq km (13,000 sq mi) , Israel is a relatively small country, yet one which offers a huge variety of stunning and authentic landscapes, ideal for scenery and location shooting.
Within less than a 6 hour drive from north to south, you can find: 
• Golden sandy Mediterranean beaches
• Snow-capped peaks and a national ski resort 
• The desolate wasteland of the Dead Sea
• Green lush fields and forests 
• Mesmerizing desert landscapes 
• Dramatic red granite mountain range bordering the Red Sea
• And much more…

In terms of urban landscapes, Israel’s cities are just as diverse as its nature sites:

Tel Aviv – Urban Freshness

A youthful, modern metropolis with a diverse population, Tel Aviv is a beautiful, trendy and chic city, offering a huge range of modern locations, including UNESCO heritage sites with incredible Bauhaus architecture and two harbors. Tel Aviv is also known for its world-famous nightlife scene and as Israel’s major business & high-tech center.

Jerusalem – Beauty and spirituality

one of the holiest and most famous cities in the world, Jerusalem is home to innumerable fascinating historical sites, magical walkways, breathtaking views at sunset, a wide variety of Middle Eastern markets,  winding streets and alleys reminiscent of quaint European towns and cities. 

History and archeology

Israel has many archeological sites, and the cities which house them are as breathtaking as the historical treasures themselves, such as Acre by the sea – a stunning walled Mediterranean city with a classic charm and Caesarea offering Roman ruins equivalent to those found in Italy next to a sensational boardwalk and a world-class golf course.

Compact and Diverse

Israeli film crews are known worldwide for their dedication, efficiency, and professionalism. 
Israel has some of the best film schools and training programs in the world and the local crews are highly skilled and have vast experience in local and international productions. 

Filming in Israel also offers a unique opportunity to cast great actors and extras from its immensely diverse population with roots in over 100 countries, of all ages and backgrounds.  Most of the population speaks solid English, and a vast number of Israelis are also fluent in a variety of other languages including Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, and German, to name a few.

First-rate production facilities

Israel offers international companies a vast range of high-end production services, including equipment,
studios and equipment package deals. 

All your production needs – Professional, Streamlined and Cost-effective! 

Modern and High Tech

Despite being a relatively young country, Israel boasts a highly advanced infrastructure and modern facilities on par with most western countries – from the country’s first class international airport and its well-developed highway system built to international standards, to its vast selection of first-class hotels and fantastic cuisine to suit every palate. Israel also has a state of the art communications system based on its world-renowned high-tech expertise and most central areas, and tourist attractions offer free WIFI. The country’s facilities and amenities are among the best in the world, and you are sure to find all you require just as you would in any major country in the world.

Streamlined Finance & Banking

Israel offers robust financial frameworks and standards in line with those of Europe and the US. Israel’s well-established banking system meets the most advanced international banking standards and offers top-quality international banking services, through its affiliation with banks worldwide. The world’s top accounting firms have a local office in Israel as well. Many local banks have collaboration agreements with international banks and should you require assistance you are sure to find your needs met within the local financial system.

Incomparable weather

A producer’s dream – While Israel is a 4-season county, it boasts a vast majority of sunny days a year. The winters are mild and friendly, the Fall offers a soft mystic glow, the spring is filled with promise and bloom, and the summers are simply stunning and beach perfect. Should you need a hot summer in the middle of winter (as it sometimes happens), simply head to the southern city of Eilat, the country’s sunshine resort and make use of any of its 300 (!) sunny days a year.