The Investments Authority for Economic and Industrial Development

The Investments Authority for Economic and Industrial Development, in the Ministry of Economy and Industry, was established and operates under the Law for Encouraging Capital Investments (1959), to provide grants and benefits to the industries and business services in the economy.

The law is one of the key economic tools used by the government to encourage capital investment, develop the periphery, create jobs and promote innovation and productivity.

The Ministry of Culture and Sport


Culture and sport are fundamental to the identity of a healthy society of a high standard.
The Ministry leads and promotes measures that enable all citizens to exercise their right to
culture and sport, and aspire to excellence, creativity and well-being.
The Ministry operates, among others, to strengthen and encourage cultural and artistic creativity
in order to ensure continuing growth and development, to enhance cultural institutions
that are the primary source of such creativity, and to reinforce the professionalism
of those who are engaged in artistic and cultural activity in Israel. 

The Foreign Trade Administration

The Foreign Trade Administration (FTA) at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry manages and supports Israel’s international trade and trade policy. Through our headquarters in Jerusalem together with over 40 economic and trade missions in key financial centers throughout the world, the FTA promotes Israel’s economy worldwide. Israel’s economic and trade missions are at the forefront of the Israeli government’s efforts to boost our industries in foreign markets. Our team of highly experienced economic representatives and business consultants provide a wide range of services to Israeli companies and to the international business community.